Lancôme Gel Eclat Clarifying Cleanser – Clarifying Foam Cleanser (Normal to combination skin) and Creme Mousse Confort – Comforting Creamy Face Cleanser (dry skin)

As we age our skin changes, it becomes dryer, more dehydrated and lacks the glow or lustre it had when we were younger. In my quest to find a full skin care routine for mature skin that doesn’t just include anti-ageing or anti wrinkle creams, I came across these Lancome cleansers.


While these two cleansers aren’t specifically formulated for mature skin, they are luxurious enough and nourishing enough to use confidently without dehydrating the skin further.  As I have aged, my skin has become more sensitive, so I was hesitant to use these products as they didn’t actually advertise “for sensitive skin’. To my delight, they are both gentle on sensitive skin and didn’t cause a reaction at all.

mature-skin-cleanserThe cleansers come in normal/combination and dry skin types.  I have used both of these and found both to be wonderful for very dry mature skin.  Both glide on effortlessly when water is added, and quickly form a delicious, thick, luxurious lather.  The fragrances for both are soft and not overpowering with the lotus and rose flower extract.

Packaging –

The cleansers come in 125ml squeeze tube (need to pack in your suitcase if taking on an international flight as they are over 100 ml) ☹️ the tubes are easy to squeeze and only a tiny amount is needed as it lathers up and goes quite a long way.

Application –

Apply a small amount onto fingertips and lather up with water. Apply to wet skin and work into the face using a circular motion. Massage in for 2 minutes to enable a deep cleanse and boost the micro-circulation. As you work the cream into the face it works up into a rich, creamy lather that you can feel moisturising as it cleanses.  After washing off with water the whole face feels squeaky clean but not at all dry.

Results –

I have tried both cleaners and been using them now for over a year.  I fully believe it it gives your face a deep cleanse as well as Hydrates skin from the moment you apply it.  I do however, think the non dry skin one is more hydrating than the dry skin one.  Go figure!!!

My summary –
They are true to their name – foaming facial cleansers. They leave the face squeaky clean, radiant, and hydrated. Neither are drying to the skin.  The scent is not overpowering and a small amount goes a very long way. Because of the small amount needed each time, the tube will last for ages.  Overall I think these are a couple of the best cleansers around for dry mature skin.

Leave a comment if you have tried either or both of these cleansers.


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One thought on “BEST CLEANSER – Mature Skin Product Review – LANCOME FOAM CLEANSER

  • October 3, 2017 at 9:23 pm

    Love these cleansers too!! They’re so great!


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