7 quick tips that will change your attitude and change your life

Change your attitude and life in 7 Days

Success in life is determined by your attitude – believe it or not. Your attitude to life is more important than your aptitude. Having the correct attitude can change your life, it impacts everything you do and say. Having a great attitude is a powerful weapon. Look at your day to day attitude now – today. Then Follow these 7 simple tips for 7 days and look at your attitude to life again – has it changed? TRY IT NOW AND SEE THE DIFFERENCE

1. The minute you wake in the morning, say to yourself 5 times a positive affirmation (positive statement or declaration). For example ‘I am happy and healthy’ ‘today is a fabulous day’ ‘I have abundant energy’ whatever positive phrase suits and say it every day. That night say 5 times ‘I did have energy’ ‘it was a fabulous day’ ‘I am happy and healthy’


2.  Mindfully tell one person per day a positive, honest comment. Tell someone they look nice. Stop someone and tell them you like their perfume, tie, eyes, suit, shoes – anything you can think that will make that persons day. Say it with a smile, watch what happens – to their attitude and yours.  It is guaranteed that it will be positive for both of you.

3.  Listen – if someone has engaged you in conversation, just listen. Even if it starts off with one conversation a day where you just listen, do it. No matter how much you want to give advice or turn the conversation into what you have done or experienced – DON’T. Just listen!  You will be amazed how much this will help YOU. This isn’t to say you have to listen to them drone on forever, cut it short if needed, but just let someone talk and you listen. This person will remember the conversation, remember you and their attitude to you in future will be totally different. They will look at you as a friend, someone to confide in someone who listens (not many people like that around these days)buy a coffee

4.  Give a gift of kindness. It doesn’t have to monetary – give time or help to someone. Help someone get something high from a shelf at the shops, stop your car for someone crossing the road, pay for someones coffee, shopping, fuel

what ever falls in with your budget. Let someone out of a road, car park or car space. Mow your next door neighbours front strip when you mow yours. Take in the bins when you take yours in. Anything to help someone else. Try it and see the change.

5.  Give yourself one goal a day. Whether it be walk for an hour, have a lunch break, not judge anyone for a day, don’t use a computer for a day, take time out to breathe properly for 5 minutes, stop and look at the sky for 10 minutes today, lay on the floor and play with my kids undistracted for an hour,   whatever you want to make it – just set one goal a day then two per day and so on. They can be as little as needed intact the smaller the better so as not to set too bigger goal and set up failure.

6.  Posture. Energy flows throughout our bodies. Life is made up of energy and cannot exist without it. If our posture is not right the energy will not flow evenly through. It will become blocked which then manifests illness or pain and negative emotions. Our posture will not only make us feel better but will inturn help with our breathing, which is critical in the conversion of energy . Making a conscious effort to keep our posture correct, will ensure our breathing is at its optimum. Try pretending that there is a rope at the top of your head and someone is pulling it up – that is the correct posture. Try this a couple of times a day until it it becomes a natural thing that doesn’t have to be concentrated on or forced.


7.  Emotions. Emotions come and go. They constantly flow through us all the time, they change weekly, daily even hourly. Sometimes without us even realising it. Emotions can be positive, negative, good, bad, happy, sad, angry, frustrated or just plain fed up. Many of us do not show our emotions or express them for fear of ‘not being responsible’ ‘being weak’ ‘not being manly’ or ‘cool’. Our bodies react differently to different emotions we are experiencing which in turn can affect our lives. When we feel negative, angry or sad emotions, our bodies tense up. These emotions can be stored in the body as tension if they are not released or expressed. After a while, they can build to an overwhelming height. We should not fear our emotions or hide them away, give them an outlet to escape. When you feel an emotion – express it! If you are happy – smile and laugh, if you are sad cry. Once an emotion is expressed, it is gone.

The most important thing of all here is that there is no failure. If you do not succeed in doing all these steps for 7 days you have not failed. If you have done just 1 thing from this list you have succeeded in changing your attitude and life, even if for 1 minute, you had a positive change in your mindset and life. Keep going and your life and attitude could change forever.


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2 thoughts on “7 quick tips that will change your attitude and change your life

  • August 31, 2017 at 2:18 pm

    love this !! It’s very eye opening to read! definitely something that could make me improve!

    • August 31, 2017 at 3:24 pm

      Thanks Abbey for joining LifeFitHub family. Glad you found it interesting.


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