10 reasons why dates should be included in your diet

DATES are brimming with minerals, vitamins and nutrients essential for staying healthy on the inside.   Here are 10 reasons why you should be eating more dates on a regular basis.

Hangovers – Dates are commonly used to reduce the effects of a hangover by replacing lost minerals and electrolytes

Nervous system – Potassium is required for maintaining a healthy nervous system.  Dates are high in potassium and can also be beneficial for increased alertness and brain function

Vision – B vitamins found in dates are absorbed into the retina to maintain its light filtering functions and protect against eye degeneration.  The vitamin A in dates also helps maintain eye function.

Digestion – The fibre in dates work as a laxative as well as help protect the colon membrane

Cancer – The properties in dates (mainly selenium) are believed to help prevent the incidence of colon, breast, prostate, endometrial, lung and pancreatic cancers, as well as promote correct immune function.

Energy – The natural sugars contained in dates can give you a super high energy burst and are so much more nutritious than processed energy or protein bars

Iron – Dates are an excellent source of iron.  Women especially will benefit from eating dates and keeping oxygen in the blood

Allergies – These little bundles of goodness also contain Organic Sulphur which can help the reduction of allergic reactions and allergies

Heart – Dates are full of dietary fibre which prevents LDL absorption in the gut

Natural sugar – Dates have dextrose and fructose which make them naturally sweet and when used in recipes, will naturally sweeten the ingredients used

Dates can be eaten by themselves, sweet, fleshy and delicious or  used as a natural sweetener in many recipes.  

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