Eyes Wide Shut – how to live in the present

Eyes Wide Shut – Our eyes are open, but we are not seeing everything.

Do we actually see what is around us???  How aware are you of the environment around you?  I am sitting here typing away and just realised, I don’t even know the colour of my next door neighbours roof.  I pass it every day, many times a day in fact, but because I am too busy or too distracted, I have never actually noticed it.

We as humans, (well most of us) in today’s society, exist without ever ‘stopping to smell the roses’.  In a world of devices and gadgets to distract us, even when we leave our homes and venture outside, we are not living in the present and don’t notice what is actually around us.  We wonder around with our eyes wide shut – or our eyes open but not seeing anything.

Take this challenge – try one of these today and learn how to live in YOUR present.  It is actually so easy, you will be amazed that you haven’t done it before now.

Take a walk – a casual stroll for at least 20 minutes, or as long as you can.  Take a camera (I know it is a device but hear me out)During that 20 minutes look for 15 things that would make a great photo and take the photo. The theory behind this is that you will take notice of your surroundings and intentionally look for beauty or that ‘great shot’.  You find yourself seeing things that were familiar to you before but in a different light.  You will also see things for the first time.  The beautiful oak tree in the house 2 streets away.  The garden that has a water feature with birds bathing in it.  The house with a bright red front door that stands out in a drab street, that you have never noticed before.  The sun glinting throug
h the leaves on the trees throwing sunbeams around like you have never seen before.

During a workout – Stop and look around.  Can you hear the beat in the music playing?  Can you feel your heart beating?  Count your beats for 60 beats.  Can you feel the sweat on your face?

Taking the kids to school or sport – Sit for 5 minutes in the car after dropping them.  Look at them.  look at their friends.  Look at the school house.  Listen to the chatter and laughter and sounds in the playground.

eyes-wide-shut-computer-workTry it at work – Stop typing or writing and look up.  Note what is actually going on around you.  What colour the walls are.  Look out the window and see the leaves move in the breeze.

Breathe.  Breathe in LIFE!  Breathe in and be aware of everything around you.

You have just brought yourself into your present.  Try this at least once a week until it becomes second nature to you.  You will be amazed how different you start to see things and live in the present.

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In the meantime – BREATHE!!!!! and be LIFEFIT


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