Forget Botox, fillers or expensive surgery,  there is one sure fire way to give your face an instant facelift – a fresh new hairstyle and colour. As we mature, our face changes.  It changes shape as well as tone and undertone. Colours and styles that suited us when we were younger, can now have the opposite effect.  Brighter colours can look harsh and darker shades can dull our complexion. Taking on a whole new style can soften, flatter, hide and change the entire shape of any face as well as change the overall way we look and feel.  There are a few tips that you may need to take into account before embarking on a new fresh style.


Some women can look fabulous with long tresses but for most of us, long hair tends to drag the face down and make us look older. Going a little shorter can be like a complete face uplift. Short styles can look modern and show off a graceful jawline or great cheekbones or be styled to show draw attention to the eyes.

Whether long, short or in-between, get a simple cut with some added layers especially around your face to soften the features.  Bangs or layers around the face and forehead will cover forehead ‘expression lines’.

Go for something fresh and modern but still pay attention to face shape and hair texture.



Let the tone and colour change with your age. Ash blonde looks great in 20’s but the older we get the more grey it starts looking. Ash has cool undertones, which make mature skin look paler. Warmer tones make a complexion look alive and glowing. Just pick a colour with warm undertones if blonde or a warm red or brunette shade.

Don’t overcomplicate things

Make sure whatever style you go for you can replicate it at home. Make sure it doesn’t take hours to style.  If it does take time and effort, you probably won’t bother to do it. Make sure the cut works in with your lifestyle.


Reliving the 80’s

If you are still wearing your hair the same way you did in your teens or twenties – stop now. It is a sure-fire way to show your age. High pony’s on older women can sometimes work, but can also look like we are trying to relive our glory days. Instead of high pony’s try a soft bun or low pony. Soft swept up looks give a much younger vibe than tightly structured styles that look ‘done up’

For the perfect style that will give you the instant facelift, make sure you find one:

  • That can be worn everyday
  • That is low maintenance
  • That is a style that doesn’t need stacks of product to maintain it

When looking for a stylist, make sure you find one that knows how to bring focus to your eyes or best features, with layers framing your face and a fun but chic cut. Make sure also that you have a colour that compliments your complexion and skin tone.
A new hairstyle can not only change the way we look and give us that instant new glow or lift, it can also be a way of revitalising your image and an instant age-defying confidence boost.


What are your favourite styles for women over 40??? What has been working for you??










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