Secret Ingredient to the Best Scones Ever

What makes the best scones??

The best scones ever! That is a big call. What is the SECRET?  People are obsessed with scones. These tiny pieces of cooked dough sit alongside glazed pastries and gourmet cakes that look far more pleasing to the eye, BUT the classic scone will be picked over them 90% of the time. In my cafe owning experience over the years it never ceased to amaze me just how popular scones are. We would go through 3-4 dozen a day easily and still disappoint when they ran out. There were so many other delicacies on offer around the scone platter but scones always out did any competition. Even in this world of gluten intolerant tummies, nothing seemed to matter when it came to scones.

According to the CWA (known for their perfect scone making) to make the perfect scone you must follow the recipe exactly. The dough must be treated with delicate fingers and not over kneaded and very importantly ’Show scones’ are never glazed.

I am sharing my best scones ever recipe for the first time ever and hope you love it as much as my customer and I have over the years. Remember not to handle the dough too much is the trick and don’t make them too big as they will raise and flop over.

Makes approx 20-24make-best-scones-ever-dough


4 cups S R flour
1 cup (the same cup you used for the flour) Cream
1 cup whole milk
1 cup lemonade (the secret)

How to

Add into bowl in the order listed above and mix until all ingredients are together(it may seem too moist but just go with it) Lift out the dough onto a floured bench or board and bring together with the flour until it is in one large lump. Roll out with

rolling pin to about 3cm in height then cut with biscuit cutter.
Lay on tray lined with baking powder
Cook in pre heated oven 180’ until golden on top. Lift the top off one scone to make sure it is cooked through
BINGO – perfect scones


Let me know how you go and if they were ‘the best scones ever’.

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