New Amazing Skin Cancer Detection App – should it replace the doctor?

Skin Cancer statistics throughout the world are unbelievable and are on the rise every year.  1 in 3 people are diagnosed with skin cancer at some stage in their lives.  Now there is a healthcare company determined to lower those statistics with a new skin cancer detection app.

skin cancer detection app

SkinVision is an international health company, that has worked closely with dermatologists & professors from Munich, Sydney and Minnesota, to develop a new smartphone app that has been created solely to reduce the number of deaths from skin cancer. Leading skin experts say that the app has its merits and helps you keep track of lumps or moles, but should not be relied on completely.

The skin cancer detection app uses images of a spot or growth and analyses them with built-in algorithms to detect chaotic growth (skin cancer). After checking for irregularities in colour, texture and shape. It then displays a recommendation ranking the risk. Pictures can then be filed and a notification sent weekly or monthly or 3 monthly for you to compare and monitor.

skin cancer detection appSkinVision says their app is suitable for everyone to track and understand the health of your skin and become more knowledgeable about your skin. Their app offers personalised tips based on your risk profile.

SkinVision also insists that ‘the application is not a diagnostic device and doesn’t replace a visit to your doctor’.

I tried this app this morning, took the photo, answered the questions & waited for my results – four out of five moles were low risk, but one was rated as high.  I have now booked into my doctors’ surgery for a full skin check.  Personally, it has made me more aware and I will monitor the other moles periodically, which I suppose is what SkinVision is all about.

Click the phone image to take you to SkinVision site.


Leave a comment if you have had any similar experiences.

If you have any mole or mark on your body that you are unsure of please see your health care professional.





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